Saturday, August 21, 2010

Freckles and Dogs

So, over this this summer, Logan got something new...FRECKLES!! The cutest little ones on his nose! As if he wasn't cute enough already!
And today, Logan got some time with my aunt's dog Rosie. Logan wanted to sit as close as he could to her. It was the cutest thing! Logan would sit by her and lean his body on her like he was snuggling with her. Logan even gave her a few hugs. sweet. I don't want a dog, but seeing him with her made me realize how much fun Logan would have with a dog. Maybe someday. :) I wonder if Logan having a dog that was loyal to him would help us all in any way. Logan often tries to wonder off. I worry a lot about it and wonder if we will soon be installing an alarm system to make sure he doesn't get outside and wonder off. Would a dog let us know that Logan left the house? Do dogs do that kind of thing?


Michelle Z said...

CUTE! Who would've thought he could get any cuter!?

You know, a service dog would definitely let you know if Logan left the house. There are lots of programs ... worth looking into, if you want to get him a dog.

Runningmama said...

Love those pics and the new freckles! The dog is a great idea, Logan can still have some freedom but the dog would let you know if he was in trouble...I think it's worth seeing about.

Tracy said...

I was surprised to lern that Down syndrome qualifies you for a service dog. You should check it out if you ever think about getting a dog!

Becca said...

I love freckles!! What a cutie. :-)