Thursday, August 19, 2010

Devin and Aubrey at Disney

Finally, some more pictures from our trip to Disney. I also didn't give any details yet, so here's what we did. We visited ALL FOUR parks and I think we rode just about every ride we possibly could have went on and we went to most of the shows too! I was amazed by how many rides Logan and Aubrey could go on! All of us were able to enjoy most rides all together! My favorite ride was a toss up between Aerosmith's Indoor Coaster at Hollywood Studios and Mt Everest Coaster at Animal Kingdom. They both were awesome! Didn't event realize how much I love thrill rides until this trip!
Devin's favorite rides were Soarin and Test Track at Epcot. Aubrey and Logan loved the many slow moving indoor rides and of course the flying Dumbos, Dinos and Magic Carpets! I quickly figured out that they didn't mind the dark rides, so they even went on rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. Aubrey is obsessed with birds, so she loved the Safaris at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. There is just something for everyone! And of course, what kid doesn't love parades and fireworks!
I would never go in the summer again!!! Too hot and humid, especially for the kids. We had fans attached to the stroller and water squirt bottles and that really didn't help. It also down pours just about every afternoon...BRING PONCHOS! We did and they were a life saver! Also, don't be afraid to rent a stroller for your older child. Devin is 5, and we didn't rent one for him the first day. BIG MISTAKE! He was so crabby, with the heat and the long distances. We rented him one every day for the rest of the trip and he was a much happier kid and we didn't have to remind him to keep up. Oh, and bring your own fans and squirt bottle fans...much cheaper at walmart than in the parks. We brought our own from home.
Of course, the Down syndrome convention at Disney was amazing! I learned a lot about what I was most interested in this year, and that was speech and PT. It was also so cool to run into people with DS every where you went. are some more pictures. Mostly of Aubrey and Devin, and some attempts at some family photos. Oh, and we brought along some help as well. Grandma Bonnie and Auntie Amy came to help. Couldn't have done it without them!

Devin loved Mission Space at Epcot. Made you really feel like you were going up in a rocket. Devin was our Pilot and he even did the more intense version of the ride. GO DEVIN!
His favorite! Awesome ride flying over the entire state of California!

All the kids grew to love the bus rides everywhere.

The two toy story rides were awsome! This one, was a 3-D arcade game. I have to admit that I LOVED it.

Waiting to go on the ride in "Andy's Room"!!

All the kids enjoyed seeing Playhouse Disney live!

This has to be the craziest family picture yet! Yikes!

Poor babies looked like this all week!

Devin did Splash Mountain, but didn't want to do it again. LOL

This restaurant was an awesome experience. There was a meteor shower every 20 min inside! So cool. And it all had a "Build a Dino Workshop" (a version of "Build a Bear")

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