Saturday, January 30, 2010

Logan and Aubrey's Gymnastics Class

Logan and Aubrey also finished up another semester at The Little Gym a couple of weeks ago. It has been amazing to see how Logan has changed over the past 20 weeks. He is so comfortable with the routine in class and follows along perfectly from one activity to the next. He loves it so much that I wish we could go everyday!

Logan gets geared up for class with a song and some bell shaking!

Logan and especially Aubrey, LOVED their teacher!! She was fantastic!

Check out this little show-off!! He decided he would stand on the beam all by himself! Look at that flexibility! And if you can't see...he has a huge smile on his face. That little sinker always knows when he is doing something extra fantastic!

It took Logan and Aubrey a while to feel comfortable with the parachute, but now, they are naturals! Shaking it, going under and walking while holding on are all easy for them now. They both are awesome at following directions.
Logan now can climb up on just about anything at the gym!

I'm so proud of how far they both came this past semester!


Katie said...

That is SO cool! When did you start Logan in that? I want to look for something like that for Jack around here.

Melanie said...

Logan started at The Little Gym when he turned two, but I wish I would have started him earlier!

Jeanette said...

It's been so long since I have come out into the blogosphere. It is good to see the kiddos. Great pictures as always. Sydney really loved Gymboree when we were going before I went back to work. I wish we could still go. It looks like Logan and Aubrey were having fun.