Thursday, April 16, 2009

T & A Surgery

I thought that this post would be about Logan, well he will have one like this probably within the next year, but this is about Devin. I found out today that Devin will need his tonsils and adenoids out next Friday. The ENT said his tonsils are so big that they touch each other in the middle of his throat! He's always been a snorer and I knew that was something to pay attention to, but I guess because of Logan's sleep issues in the past, I wrote Devin's off as minor. But recently, I have become more concerned. His breathing at night has been quite scary lately. It's loud with pauses and gasps for air. At his 4 yr checkup the doctor mentioned that his tonsils were big but he didn't insist that we see an ENT. Now, I know it was the best thing to do. Devin has also been tired during the day and sleeping late, which is a bad sign. Another strange thing lately was the fact that he sticks out his tongue often (to open up his airway) and does a lot of noisy mouth breathing. I felt a huge feeling of relief when the ENT Dr. told us the T & A surgery would probably make a huge difference for Devin. I am dreading the actually day of surgery and the 10 days of recovery, but at least Devin is not in school yet. (that would be a lot of school to miss!) I am looking forward to him having more energy (I say that now!!) and not being so restless at night. And lately, I have lost a lot of sleep worrying about him as I listen to him sleep at night. Right now, he has a very hard time making it all the way through his gymnastics classes without wanting to lay down and rest....before, I thought it was just behavior related, but now I feel bad that maybe he really was too tired to participate. The Dr. also mentioned that kids have shown huge changes in school performance after the surgery because they can finally go to school well rested. We are hoping for a big change to make it all worth while!


Heidi said...

I totally thought your post was going to be about Logan! Poor Devin! It sure sounds like he has been struggling. Good thing you took him to the ENT and I'm glad the surgery will help him.

I will be thinking about you next Friday. I hope Devin does well in the surgery and that the recovery is speedy and uneventful!

Jeanette said...

Prayers coming your way. I hope that all goes well and he has a smooth recovery. From everything that I have heard, this is MUCH easier on a child than an adult, so I am glad that you are getting this done now. It worked wonders for my husband.

Beth said...

Nobody likes to think about their child having surgery. I will pray for you to be as peaceful as possible. I pray Devin does well with the surgery and recovery. All the preschool kids I know who have had the T&A have recovered quite quickly. It's likely that he'll bounce right back after a few days. Hannah had hers out a year ago, and I'm so glad we did it. Wish we had it done earlier.