Friday, April 24, 2009

Devin's T & A Day

Devin did a great job today. He knew what was going to happen and really went into it with a great attitude. He happily went with the nurse to the operating room without me! I was shocked. But, when he came out of recovery I could hear him all the way down the hall. He was crying for me and saying that he needed "medicine now"! They took him to his room and I held him for about an hour before he finally settled down and the pain meds kicked in, and he has been fine ever since. The doctor told us that if he continued to drink a lot of clear liquids and kept on top of the pain meds he would do well. Right now, I am debating on whether to wake him up at 3am for his next dose or to just wait til morning. We were also told it is hard to catch up to the pain if we get behind on meds. The only problem so far has been the fact that he is really hungry and can't eat anything, but if we keep his mind off food he seems to forget. Also, I was worried that he would not take him meds, but he actually likes them...which I think is strange. He tells me they taste good, and he knows that they will help.
The cutest thing was how he told me about everything that happened after he left me for the OR. He told me how they let him pick out green tape for his IV (which they put in after he was out), about how the OR looked and that he laughed when they gave him the cherry flavored gas in a mask to put him out. He didn't seem traumatized by it at all. He is such a technical guy and always pays attention to all of the details. After he settled down in his room he just wanted to get up and play with everything. Now he even says he wants to be an ENT when he grows up.

Before the surgery, with the bird the nurse let him pick out. His name is Tweety! After he settled down and decided to rest for a while.

He picked out the green smiley tape for his IV.

I was told all kids sleep for a while after surgery...not Devin...he got up and wanted to check everything out.
He insisted on pushing around his IV pump all by himself.

We were released about 3 hours after surgery after he was given a specific amount of fluids through the IV.


Heidi said...

Wow - it sounds like Devin did so well! I hope he continues to feel better. What a brave little boy you have - a future ENT!

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me at how tough and resilliant(sp) kids are. With all the rain, you couldn't pick a better weekend to recuperate. When Wyatt had his adenoids out it was as if it never happened. It makes getting better go better!