Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun at the park

Last weekend, we spent Saturday at Lakeside Park in Fondulac. Dale attempted to help Devin catch his first fish, but without much luck. Thankfully, this park had some other attractions for kids. They have several playgrouds for all ages, some fun rides and a petting zoo.

Today, Logan goes to get fitted for his Sure Steps. He has really given up on trying to crawl, which is sad, but he is now working hard at trying to pull up on things. He is now pulling up to his knees and reaching for toys! And, with a little help, he can get to standing and stand for long periods of time to play.
Here are a few picks from the park.


RK said...

Our Sure Steps are in, so we go to get them, or at least make sure they fit, today. I'm hoping they make a big difference, and since Logan's pulling up and standing, I bet he's gonna be going in no time!!

Kathy said...

oh he's such a cutie patootie! Every time I see a pic of him, I'm reminded of my PJ. ADORABLE!!!

Michelle said...

How's it going with the Sure Steps?

Logan's growing up so much! I hope we can get together sometime soon!