Friday, July 18, 2008

Birth to 3 Evaluation and SureSteps

Every 6 months Logan is evaluated by Birth to 3. All of his therapists and his teacher come over and we sit down to look at goals met and make new ones for the next six months. I have to admit that Logan really surprised my over the last six months. He met almost all of his goals. They included things like sitting independently, going into sit alone, interacting with people in his environment, banging two toys together, activating toys, releasing toys, and starting to use one finger to push buttons. Six months ago Logan had no interest in toys and was not motivated to move around and explore his environment. He is really a completely different kid and so much fun! Some new goals are imitating sounds and motions, using some words or signs to communicate, locating some body parts, filling a container and using a pincher grasp to pick up small objects. We would also like to see him doing some self feeding and drinking from something other than a bottle. Also, some other big goals are crawling on hands and knees, pulling up to knees, pulling up to stand, taking steps along furniture and improving posture. These big goals make me the most nervous, but also the most excited. I am scared to get my hopes up for these to happen, but if they do...that would be SO amazing! They would be a huge change for him and his mobility.

This morning he attempted to pull him self up on a table toy. He also got up on his knees by a cushion on the floor all by himself! This was super cool to watch. It means he may not have the strength to pull up, but he wants to!! I am going to try to catch these attempts on video soon.

I made an appointment for next week for him to get fitted for orthotics or SureSteps. His PT wants to be aggressive with this because Logan does like to do a lot of standing now and we don't want him to get used to standing without them and have to adjust to them later. I am thankful that she is willing to set us up with them earlier than later.


datri said...

Sounds like Logan's doing great! Love the pic, he's such a cutie!

Kris said...

Way to go Logan! It sure has been fun watching you grow!


amy flege said...

Gee that picture looks familiar!! haha. i would kill or those eyelashes!!!
hope the sure steps help!

Stephanie said...

I love when they surprise us! There is nothing better than reviewing goals and surpassing them. What a cutie pie!
SureSteps were and are GREAT for us, makes Megan more steady on her feet. Good luck and get a good pair of shoes that fit with them and then remove the padding in the shoe....GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

What a man! He's growing leaps and bounds~too cool. Julia had a pair of sure-steps and I really liked them. I think she was a little over 2 when she got hers and within a few days she was taking steps. (She was attempting to do this for awhile prior) She would actually look for them and try to put them on her feet. They told me I probably wouldn't need to buy bigger shoes...yeah right! Orthotics definitely add bulk. Tennis shoes seemed to work best...too bad for her "pretty" shoes. As soon as she was steady with her walking and doing well we stopped using them so she's been without for quite awhile. I hope Logan likes his...they come in a bunch of fun patterns. I'm sure Logan won't be going for the floral/butterfly ones.
Good Luck Logan!
Danielle and Julia