Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Hospital Stay

Wednesday night, Logan went to bed and only minutes later he started to make really scary sounds when he breathed in and out. I thought maybe he was just stuffy, which he usually is and I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. I just laid there worrying about what was happening. Soon he was crying and coughing and gasping for air. We always have a humidifier running, but that wasn't working so we went in the bathroom and ran the shower. The steam didn't help much, but Logan eventually settled down and fell back asleep. He continued to make loud sounds in his sleep so I just sat up watching him. Over the next few hours he woke up a couple more times crying, coughing and gasping for air. I got on the phone with a nurse and described what was happening and she thought right away that it was croup. His barking cough and loud breathing (it sounded to me like a honking goose) gave it away. She told me that the croup comes at night and we should keep doing what we were doing until morning, then I should bring him in to his pediatrician. I also needed to watch him and make sure he wasn't turning blue (great way to help me relax), or then I would need to go to the ER. At about 5am he started running a fever (which was not supposed to happen with croup) of about 102-103...I called again and they said he would be ok until his 11am appointment, but that I could take him to the ER if I didn't want to wait. Well, we waited and when we got to his appointment they tried to treat him, but it didn't help. He had develop stridor (the loud sound when he was breathing and his rib cage was retracting when he was struggling to breath) which should not have been happening in the middle of the day. He also still had a 102 temp. We ended up going to the hospital and staying the night. He also had bronchitis and they even worried about pneumonia, but thankfully he did not get that. I did finally get a little sleep and Logan started responding to the treatments and medication so we were able to go home the next day. He is doing much better today. His pediatrician told us that when Logan gets sick it will always be a little more serious than an average child and he will always be a little bit more susceptible to catching illnesses.
Well, our first sickness scare turned out alright and we can just hope to keep him as healthy as possible through the rest of the cold and flu season.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad to hear Logan is doing better & home!!

We missed you today, hope to see you & Logan soon, when he's feeling better. Give that beautiful boy a hug & kiss for us!


Laurie said...

Scary. I know I worry about every little thing with Chase a hundred times more than I did with Ian.

Glad everything turned out alright.