Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mulberry Lane Farm

We spent this morning at Mulberry Lane Farm. It was so warm! Everything was Devin's favorite this year. He was especially interested in going inside the barns and feeding the animals. He also loved picking his own pumpkin. Logan was awake only for the hayride, but he loved it! I can't wait to see what he thinks next year.

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Bonnie Keyes said...

What a surprise when I checked my email today to find a Google Alert for Mulberry Lane Farm. It directed me to your blog. Being the owners of MLF we are blessed to have seen the beautiful pictures of your family enjoying our farm. Please come back again! You will see Logan enjoy the farm more and more each season. In spring we feature our "babies" with all our spring new borns.

We are blessed to have a farm that can be enjoyed by families and especially knowing it is "kid" friendly for those with special needs and disabilities of all kinds.

Like the picture displayed in our Granary says, "We have learned no matter the age or the background there is something about a farm that brings out the joy and worth in others."

God bless you, Baeten Family!