Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ear Infections Number One and Twins!!

No...we are not having twins! We already have them! Aubrey and Logan have ear infection number one of the season. Hopefully this will be the only one, but if not, Logan will be heading in to get his second set of tubes. The two of them spend so much time together and are so much a like these days. Their developmental age and size are almost identical and I get asked if they are twins daily. Right now, I would have to say that Logan is slightly ahead of Aubrey with speech, but she has passed him in gross motor skills.
Aubrey has developed quite the personality. Poor Logan is starting to get pushed around by her....hopefully she will just keep him on his toes and not trample over him. She is a great example for him to follow (skills wise), but she irritates the heck out of him. She is always in his face!! Poor boy!


amy flege said...

wow she sure is growing up! she is a great sister for him though.. he will learn so much from her.. he is so lucky! :) hope the ear infections get better

mauimom said...

Gotta love siblings!

The Grebinoski Girls said...

Got me on the twins part :) Must be the season... here too!!

Beth said...

Hope they bounced back quickly and are fit as fiddles for Christmas!

May you have a wonderful holiday filled with hugs and love.