Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What would you do??

Logan has his 30 month appointment on Monday. I am anxious to see how much he has grown and I also am considering a few other things. I am thinking of asking for a sleep study to try to get to the bottom of Logan's low energy issues and strange sleeping habits. He is a very light sleeper and also has a very hard time waking up. He also sleeps in very crazy positions. Would these be reasons to have the study done? I am also considering asking if we can have Logan's umbilical hernia fixed. Logan was born with a VERY large umbilical hernia, which has for the most part resolved itself, but he has been left with A LOT of extra skin that sticks out quite far. I am torn about whether it would be silly for me to put him through getting it fixed. I have been told he will grow into it, but I am not convinced that he will. I also know there are much worse things that I could be dealing with. I understand if your are thinking "she's crazy" to worry about something like that. I have to ask, but it may end up being something cosmetic, if it has healed completely. I am even embarrassed to ask his doctor, because I don't know how he is going to react. Do you need a picture to know what I mean?


Michelle said...

I'd hold off on the belly button - then if he ever has another surgery, maybe they can fix it then (and not have to put him under twice?)

Sounds like he might need a sleep study??

Heidi said...

I love your new look and header!

I think you should ask for a sleep study or at least mention your concerns to your doctor. From what I remember I think all of the things you mentioned can be signs of sleep apnea. I have also heard that children with DS can have no signs and still have sleep apnea. I have been putting the sleep study off for Joel but will ask about it at his 3 year check up.

About the hernia - it's hard to know what I would do without seeing what it looks like ... Caleb has a small hernia around his belly button. I could have had it removed but the doctor said it would be considered cosmetic and not medically necessary. I decided not to do it because I couldn't imagine putting him under anesthetic. I think if he had to have another surgery and they could do it at the same time I would do it.

I'm so glad you are posting more now! I've missed reading about you and your cute family!

Bethany said...

I'd ask for a sleep study. The people that speak on the national level recommend all kids with DS having one by age three. We didn't have an clue Payton would have anything wrong when she had hers, and she had moderate sleep apnea. It is really common ... so yeah, go for it!

sara p said...

i think that i wouldn't think twice on saying you would like to have a sleep study done, better to have it checked out then not, the way im looking at it is that its not going to hurt anyone to have it done.
and for his belly button, your his mom and im sure you know whats best for him, but i think i would have to lean towards michelles thoughts, if it's something that could wait and not really causing any problems? but again your his mom and you really do know what best.

Kacey Bode said...

Your new header pic is SO cute!!!

Sleep study... we had one. Ella had her adnoids and tonsils out prior to her sleep study, which is uncommon from what I hear, for obstructive sleep apnea. While the surgery definetly helped her breathing and she hasn't had a sinus infection since, it really didn't help her sleeping. During the study they found, which we already knew from previous hospitalizations, that while Ella sleeps her O2 goes down into the low 80's. Basically they told me there really isn't anything to do right now, it's very unlikely she would wear the cpap and too dangerous to wear a nasal cannual because of the risk of entanglement. So, basically they didn't tell me anything new. I've always been told she is just more sleepy than "typical" kids because of the low tone which makes her work so much harder. She is a really restless sleeper and sleeps in the most strange positions, changing from one akward back breaking postion to the next several times an hour.

I just ordered the night time supplement from Nutriviene, see Bubba, Chicky and Nika's blog : ), and have been giving it to Ella for about a week now. Don't know if it's doing anything yet but it is supposed to help them sleep better and also to help them grow.... who knows??

mauimom said...

I am assuming that you probably have already had the appointment. I am trying to catch up on reading blogs, I am super behind. I have been doing a bunch of reading lately on DS issues/research, and it seems that sleep issues (including sleep apnea) are very common in kids with DS. Did he have any blood tests done? Something that I have also read is that low iron can really affect sleep patterns and make for a restless sleep (Sylas has low iron). Good luck and keep us posted.