Friday, February 13, 2009

Walking Wings

I always fear that I am once again purchasing a product that claims to do something great, but has no proof of actually making a difference.
I purchased Walking Wings yesterday because Logan tends to plop down on his bottom whenever I try to encourage him to walk. As soon as I take his hands or put my hands under his arms, he plops down. I think (but I don't want to speak too soon) he likes his Walking Wings! We tried it a few times today and each time Logan actually wanted to walk! We walked all over the house, and I didn't get a sore back because I can stand up straight as we walk. He even signs more and then stands up on his own and takes off! I almost lost him a few times because I didn't have a good grip! If it helps us get some walking practice, I am up for anything! I just hope there is not a negative to this thing that I am missing? He does lean forward and tries to walk too fast sometimes. He also tends to hang on to the belt and I do have to give him A LOT of support because he is not able to take any steps on his own yet.
Has anyone tried this contraption? I hope I am doing to right thing.


Ruby's Mom said...

He looks so cute!!

Nicki said...

I've never even heard of Walking Wings, but they sound awesome!!! Where did you find them?

Sabrina said...

I bought a pair for Abbi but she never used them b/c she was too fat around the middle and it would barely fit around her. :-)) I think they are really helpful to give much needed confidence for our kids as they learn to walk.

Jeanette said...

I am very interested to see how these work. Syd does the same thing, she plops down every time you try to get her to stand up and walk.

Chris said...

I've never heard of these, but I like it!

I am laughing though because John's babysitter was telling me just last week how they teach baby's to walk in her home country, Peru. The put something like a rope around their tummy and then stand behind them holding the ends. Just last week, she made her own version of your walking wings, and John seemed to like it.

Logan sure looks like he is enjoying himself. Does your PT have any opinion on them?

datri said...

I used Walking Wings for a little bit when Kayla was first trying to walk. Her PT said it was OK to use them in moderation. It was a couple years ago, but if I remember correctly Kayla hated them, LOL. I ended up giving them away to another parent with a child with DS.