Monday, February 6, 2012

Atlantoaxial instability {advice needed!!}

Needing advice T21 friends...just got notice from Children's Hospital that Logan is due for his yearly neck x-ray. We checked for Atlantoaxial instability when Logan was about 3 years old. At that time we had a scare that he had it due to a misread x-ray, but through further testing it was found that he did not have it. BUT Children's recommended that he have an x-ray repeated every year because "kids with DS can develop the condition later". I think they said they wanted to repeat until he was around 10 or 12?? I can't remember now. Anyway! I think this yearly x-ray is unnecessary! Anyone else hear of this new recommendation?? We were also told that he should NOT do anything that puts pressure on his neck! NEVER! Like forward rolls (summer saults). I think this is a little extreme! He doesn't have AAI and he LOVES gymnastics! Is this neurosurgeon just being too extreme??! He says this is the new recommendation for all kids with DS!