Monday, February 14, 2011

More Letters by Logan

Logan has always loved flashcards and now he shows us how they are done!
Our next goal is lowercase letters and letter sounds. How do I teach him lowercase now without him getting confused. I plan to add the lowercase next to the uppercase on the flashcards. Does anyone know of a good app for ipad that he would like? He an extremely visual learner and learns best with repetition. He learned his letters with this toy...

It actually used to annoy me how much he played with this, but now I feel bad because he was actually learning as he played! I may also try to tape lowercase letters over the uppercase!

I got him this Leaptop toy for Christmas because it did a better job with letter sounds. He and Aubrey have one and they play with these SO much! It also has music, which they love and you can program it to say their name. It always says "L for Logan" when Logan presses L. But unfortunately, it doesn't have lowercase.

This LeapFrog toy does have lowercase, which is great! Logan does play with this on A LOT, but he presses the letters too fast. When you press a letter, it shows you how to write it, but Logan usually presses another letter before it finished drawing one. I can see Logan using this to learn how to write letters when he gets a little older. If you are wondering, it can be set to do upper or lowercase.

Here's Logan showing us his flashcards.