Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Logan's First Day of School

Logan's first day of school...well, I was told he did well and that they heard lots of words! Logan is quite a bit smaller that the other three year olds and we have big things to accomplish this year like going up and down the stairs to and from his classroom and following directions. Logan HATES having his hand held. He insists on being free to go where he wants to go. He can also be stubborn when it comes to trying new things or transitioning to a new activity. He does much better when he knows the routine and what's coming next. I hope that he will find a routine at school, but it may be hard because he only goes two days a week for 2 hours each day.
I was told I need to find a way to keep his backpack on his back. It is the tiniest backpack I could find, but it is still too big for him.
I am excited to see what this year brings and to see how far he comes with the help of his teachers and therapists at school.

After school today, I did a little "first day of school" photo session with Logan! He is so funny!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Billboard!

It was a dream of mine to have a billboard "some day". I never thought "some day" would be TODAY! That's Logan's friend, Brandon and Katie up there.
If you want to do a drive-by, it's between Main and Winneconne in Neenah on Hwy 41. You can see it when you are going south and it's on the left side of the highway.

Devin's in Kindergarten!!

My little man is looking so grown up! He started all-day 5K this week. I like that I am getting more time with Logan and Aubrey, but it's hard to let Devin go all day long. I am so used to being there for everything. He did enjoy his first day...and that's a great start!